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Sylvie Cohen was born and raised in a small village in the south of France. One of her loves has always been the outdoors. Sylvie has traveled the world and worked many job positions. Before becoming a full time actor she worked in job positions such as a waitress, office manager, nurse’s assistant, bar tender in the Comoro Islands and  software tester  just to name a few.   She moved to the USA in 2000 to open a company that specialized in off road tours for European travelers.


Her life experience gives her a great versatility when it comes to acting skills. This is why she's been selected for roles ranging from a psychotic homeless woman to a millionaire's wife!

When she was a child, she enjoyed performing plays with her friends. She started to perform in Moliere's plays in 3rd grade and feels so lucky to have been introduced to theater at such an early age. Later on her attic in France was transformed into an acting studio where she and fellow actors rehearsed many a night.


Sylvie was welcome to the nationally recognized Megaw Theater and Actors Studio of CA/AZ, she started her training in the U.S with award winning coaches Elaine E.E Moe and the late Syd May Morrison. 


In 2012 she returned to the stage to star in "The Vagina Monologues" at the Stand up Live Comedy Club of Phoenix.

One of Sylvie’s most recent performances was in the feature horror film "Speak No Evil".  She portrayed a intriguing psychotic homeless woman in the desert Miss Crowley.  It was awarded, BEST HORROR FEATURE at Jerome Film Festival 2013 and distributed by Lionsgate Produced by Gas Mask Film it was directed by award winning Roze. Sylvie appears opposite Gabrielle Stone, the daughter of Dee Wallace ( E.T, Cujo, The Howling) and the late Christopher Stone. Trailer:


Some of her credits include "A Country Christmas" starring Kevin Pollak, William Shockley, Illeana Douglas and "Poison Sky" starring Kevin Sorbo, Glenn Plummer


Sylvie has also served as a French Dialect Coach and Consultant for films and plays:  "He is Dead " by Mark Twain, directed by Ben Tyler, Lil Red Ridding Hood directed by Elaine Moe and movies such as " Striking Eyes" Directed by Ryan Kjolberg,  Produced by Terrence A. Donnely (The Excorcist, French Connection) and "A Tout Jamais", Directed by Julio  Copelly, she was also cast as the lead character Brigitte.


Sylvie was cast  in the Sci-Fi DIRT as the lead character DIRT.  Written and Directed by Will Hirsh.

Watch DIRT here:


Sylvie appeared in the "Inside The Hunt for Boston Bombers " and "American Blackout" for National Geographic - Raw TV- Randy Murray Production.

In the  TV minseries for Fox Channel Network "Legend and Lies: Inside the West", she portrayed Paulita Maxell, the alleged love of Billy the Kid.

She was recently cast for a role in Spanish in the feature Film " Fronteras " directed by Andrew Dean. 


Sylvie loves trying new activities which include rappelling, caving, kayaking and horseback riding. She also enjoys singing, cooking, sculpting and photographing. One of her favorite thing is traveling and touring on the back of her husband's motorcycle.


As an animal activist she’s very involved with the care and well being of dogs. She has a particular passion for Pit Bulls. Sylvie and her husband have a rescue Pit named Zeena, who is a major part of their lives.  She is actively involved with charitable organizations. Sylvie finds it easy to unwind in her garden where she grows organic vegetables. She loves  cooking  and baking and always surprises her guests with delicious meals! 

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