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Director Gita Farid - Women in Love - The Date

Thank you Sylvie Cohen for your always amazing positive energy!


Director Roze - Speak No Evil

It was a total joy working with you!


Helen McCready Csa - Casting Director Speak No Evil

You did me proud, really amazing audition yesterday - Thank you so much for the prep you put into it.


New World Order - Director of Photography Webb Pickersgill

Thank you so much Sylvie. Your positive attitude and smile on set always a pleasure!


Director G.Rockett - The Medal

What a dream! I first met Sylvie in one of my acting classes. Hmmm, I'm starting to see a theme, here.

Unusual, off-beat, irresistible, attractive, and so very French!

Although she's a terrific actress, as evidenced in her last film, Speak No Evil; Sylvie has a unique ability to sit in the corner, just on the perimeter of the conversation and chime in with a pearl of wisdom, at just the right moment. Sylvie is a beautiful, talented person who fixes things


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